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This treck can be made as a one or multiple day hike. As I passed a group of backpackers near Berg Lake we heard a rumble from the nearby Mount Robson. The aftermath of the glacier collapse. I sit now at the shore of the lake, directly across from Berg Glacier. Photo: Olivier.pilot, Public domain. Nicole S wrote a review Mar 2020. Summary authors & editors: G. Donald Bain. If the situation had been more ideal I would’ve much preferred to spend at least one night there, if not more. So I snapped that up immediately and knew then that I would be making a return trip to the Rockies in a few weeks. Hiking the berg lake trail around Mount Robson Glacier, in British Columbia Canada. There were still lots of fall colors to take in on the shores of Kinney Lake. The Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park is one of the world's most dramatic alpine routes. It’s certainly worth the very short side trip: The sun came out right as I arrived at the falls. The trail then ascends a boulder field to Iceberg Lake next to Rainbow Mountain offering … Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, Berg Lake tends to be filled with icebergs throughout the year. The hike. I don’t remember how many campgrounds I passed, all I know is that it was a lot. Would we be potentially waking up to a foot of fresh snow at Berg? Though it’s way nicer to take your time and enjoy the scenery! But I was determined to stick to the plan and make it to Berg so that we could sleep in the next day and have a leisurely hike out. I woke up quite late the next morning with a bit of soreness, but the 7 km left to the car didn’t seem all that daunting. The trail steepened a bit as it went up the valley, but overall the elevation change was barely noticeable thanks to the well-designed trail. Iceberg Lake is a popular hiking destination, and the trail that gets you there adds to the experience. From the viewpoint, the trail continues and crosses the Toboggan Falls Route on course to the Mumm Basin. I found Jess back at the shelter; she had enjoyed a relaxing day, including a short hike up the valley. google_ad_width = 200; Berg Lake Trail Map. Hiking near Berg Lake and Mount Robson. In this segment we hike to Ice Berg Lake. The Berg Glacier is on the shaded north side of Mount Robson, which protects it from the heat of the sun. Iceberg Lake Trail is located in the Many Glacier Area of Glacier National Park. Our experienced pilots are knowledgeable about the Mt. If you’re looking for big, bold Rocky Mountain scenery – the kind that takes your breath away then you’ll find it on the Berg Lake trail. Photo by Pamela Roth Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park along the eastern edge of B.C., the Berg Lake Trail is … Marmot Campground is a great home base for many day hikes as it is only roughly 4km from the infamous day trips like Snowbirds Pass , Hargreaves Lake , and Mumm Basin . Tag: Berg Glacier The Berg Lake Trail, Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada (7-30-13) Mt. It begins in a red cedar rain forest, then climbs past a series of lakes and waterfalls, circling around the west side of the mountain to Berg Lake on its north side. Would I be able to fit in a day hike on a weekday to beat the crowds without further pissing off my advisor back at UBC? The Berg Glacier spilling into the lake After a bit of time, we arrived at the Berg Lake site with its renowned Hargreaves Shelter. Unfortunately things aren’t always so easy. /* Archives 200x200 */ After a nice 45 minutes of lounging by the lake it was time to leave since I didn’t feel like navigating the chaotic trail detour in the dark. The views from the campsite were alright I guess. Mount Robson stands at 12,972 ft (3,954 m) and is the tallest peak in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.Its north face is carved by Berg Glacier, which flows into Berg Lake seen here in the foreground. Robson at 12,972 feet is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (though not in all of Canada). The Berg Glacier cascades down the side of the mountain into the lake where it breaks off and forms icebergs. The hike back was mostly uneventful, save for a bit of fun wildlife on the trail. Berg Glacier runs down the northern face of Mount Robson — the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 3,954 metres. I soon remembered a conversation I had had several years ago with this crazy older dude on a backpack in the Grand Canyon: he had spent the previous night hiding from a storm under a rock outcropping (part of which had collapsed right next to him) and was now regaling me with stories of all the amazing places he had visited in his life. All told it was less than 6 hours of hiking round trip from there, which was better than I had hoped. The photo above showing majestic Mount Robson and Berg Glacier was taken on a hiking trip to Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. Beautiful Berg Lake at sunrise. Travel Guides series DVD Blu-ray GLACIER: THE HIKER'S NATIONAL PARK. Luckily I checked the site again and struck gold a second time - a site had now opened up at Kinney Lake. Again, this was a good idea in theory but was immediately called into question in practice, as the trail markers led me on a confusing detour around a broken bridge. Seen here is the Berg Glacier, which calves small icebergs into Berg Lake. Because of its impressive stature, it intercepts more moisture from passing air masses, resulting in a nearly permanent cloud cap and very high precipitation. Toboggan Falls Route (2 hours, return): From the trailhead at the Toboggan Creek bridge near Berg Lake campsite, the trail climbs to Toboggan Falls and the … It was hard to go too fast as I had to keep stopping for photos. Length: 41.5 km Duration: 8-14 hours as a day hike. The lake and glacier are at the doorstep of the north face of Mount Robson (3,954m/12,972ft) which is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Waiting for the visitor center to issue permits was like watching glaciers move, so I took some photos of the nice scenery to pass the time. Interact: var addthis_pub="usra";Share | Discuss on Facebook | Subscribe,

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